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Routine Foot Services

Routine foot care is absolutely key to the prevention of what could turn into more serious foot issues. It may be that it’s not comfortable to reach your feet anymore, you don’t know what you should be doing with your own foot health or simply that you prefer the reassurance of a professional eye from time to time.

Regular check ups can assist with so many problems, such as cracked heels, corns, ingrown toenails and heel pain. Whatever the trouble, you may be surprised to learn how quickly issues can often be rectified.

Specialist Treatments

For when issues need more than just a routine check up, I am here to help. Whether it’s surgery for ingrown toenails, removal or verrucae or diabetic reviews, please don’t suffer in pain. Get in touch today to see how I can help.

Just some of the areas I treat…

Heel Pain

When walking, your heels hit the ground with considerable force. They have to be able to absorb the impact and provide a firm support for the weight of the body. When pain develops in the heel it can be very disabling, making every step a problem and affecting your posture. There are various types of heel pain. Some of the most common are heel spurs (plantar fasciitis), heel bursitis and heel bumps.


A verruca is a wart on the sole of the foot that is the result of an infection with the papilloma virus. It is the same as a wart on any other part of the body, but tends to be flatter and can become painful as the weight of the body bears down on it. Do remember that they are contagious so keep them covered with a waterproof plaster when you swim; wear flip-flops in communal shower rooms and don’t share shoes or socks. There are a range of treatment options, please contact me for more information or to discuss a treatment plan.


A corn is a localised thickening of the skin due to pressure. Corns often occur on the top of the toes where there is pressure from shoes. However, they also occur at the sole of the foot and in-between toes. Certain corns can develop nerve tissue growing into them over time, these corns are particularly painful. Often corns develop a core which is sometimes referred to as a nucleus. 

Athletes Foot

Athletes foot is a fungal infection. It can lead to intense itching, cracked, blistered or peeling off areas of skin, redness and scaling. It can occur on moist, waterlogged skin, especially between the fourth and fifth toes or on dry flaky skin around the heels or elsewhere on the foot. 

Cracked Heels

Ingrown Toenail



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